Before getting together with our designer, it is always a good idea to sit down with all members of the home and take some notes.  Who will be using the yard and what would they like to use it for?  Don’t forget practical things such as storage areas.  You can look for inspiration in gardening magazines and books.  Also determine what is your budget and over how many years?

The first meeting will be spent listening to you the client, and then exploring your yard and ideas.  Our designer can make rough sketches and you can leaf through our idea books and portfolio to help visualize your dreams.

If it is advice you are looking for, our designer can provide professional guidance on everything from choosing the right plants and pruning to wall and patio solutions.

The fee for an on-site consultation is $175 per hour (plus tax)

After the initial consultation, you can decide whether to proceed with having a plan drawn up.  Changing a plan on paper is infinitely less expensive than changing a landscaping project in progress.  A clear, precise plan is an important tool for communication between the client and landscaper as both explore the different facets of the project.

Green_Space (5)Your finished landscaping plan will include a concept plan, as well as an accurate project budget.  All Ladell Landscaping & Gardens plans are professionally designed using CAD based design software.

The fee for landscaping plans depends on the size of the property and the level of detail.  You can expect to invest between $1000 for a small garden plan and $2500 for a landscaping plan of a large city-sized front or back yard.





dudeOnce the detailed budget and plans are approved and signed, a date is booked for the project and we start bringing your dreams to life.

The same landscaping crew works on your property from start to finish. We give you our full attention as we focus on one project at a time. Professional electricians and carpenters quickly follow to complete the details.

CrewOur crews work hard at both building solid foundations as well as crafting the finishing stonework.  By paying attention to details we ensure your landscape will look beautiful for years to come.  We fill garden beds with rich, dark soil and select quality plants to make sure your garden will always be healthy, and beautiful.

Take a look at our portfolio for examples of Ladell Landscaping & Gardens projects we display with pride.




Ladell Landscaping & Gardens also conditionally guarantees all materials and workmanship.

Upon completion, our foreman will walk you through the landscape project and will ensure that everything meets your expectations.  You will be shown the features and plants of your new landscape and will receive information on how to care for them.

Our company will repair and/or replace any flawed or damaged landscape construction for up to two years, if it is the result of workmanship or faulty product.  New plants are guaranteed for one year.  Lawn and transplants are difficult to guarantee, as care is frequently the cause of success or loss.






dreamstime_1307175Ladell Landscaping & Gardens landscapes are low-maintenance.  A few hours a month are often all that is required for an average-sized city property.  For clients requiring maintenance services – especially in spring and fall when upkeep requirement is greatest – we also offer maintenance services.




The garden is a dream come true and we are looking forward to working with you again.

S Lo